Korthanke, Philip (Kansas State University)

Some of you may think, "Wow, why did he do this, that sure is a waste of paper."
Well, you're right it is a waste of paper. This is actually a demonstration of "how to waste." I considered having it consist of me jumping in a car about 8 times a day just to run little errands here and there; because that is exactly what I do when I'm back home in Missouri.

i’m in transit
my feet hurt
im walking fast

whoo! what a jerk
is that rain
what a crowd
i’m off again.

wow, it’s humid
im past the beach
dare I run,
i’m far from done

only halfway, you know.
my stomach is restless
this takes longer than I remember.
yep, here comes the rain.

is that the house.
my head is throbbing.
two hours have passed
next time i’ll drive the car.

I realized just the other day that world is truly dying. What hope do we have if we just focus on the solutions that we as humans develop? Every solution seeks to fix a known problem only to create an unknown problem that will soon be discovered. I found that my summer research, thought to be positive actually became cynical and desperate for hope.

I began the summer trying to discover new and exciting transportation options for the future; optimistic that I would discover something fascinating. Possibly even a solution to fix all solutions, an ultimate way to travel. Well, I didn't find that, but I did find some interesting solutions that seek to slow down earths decay. If you're interested in checking some of the alternate transportation types out and you really seek to change the way we think and act toward transportation then stop by and lets discuss the possibilities.

The video above is the my favorite (un)answered solution, as of right now, for the future. It utilizes a new type of infastructure, smaller vehicular types, and automated travel for long distances. It really has potential in suburban areas where people can more easily get by with having a personal mode of transportation.


Anonymous said...

I'm intrigued. It looks like a very interesting project... I look forward to the discussion tonight. Nice job.

Anonymous said...

You used so many pieces of paper for an Eco project....