Oh, Hyunjoo (Illinois Institute of Technology)

Urban City, People, Story in Abandoned Infra Structure


Many cities around the world is facing somewhat different but similar problems as their city grows.Urban sprawl, over popluation, polution and even ecosystem is in jeopardy. This cycle is connected so close, we need significant change to get over with this problems. We need more broader sight. That’s why cities are trying to develop sustainable, eco-friendly and liveble cities. Now they are planning not just for 1 or 5years but futher as 50, even 100 years.
There’s a lot of reason why city is changing and why it has to be changed. And during that process there are something that cannot fulfill it’s function anymore and should be replaced or demolished. That could be as small as a tiny building and as huge as a neighborhood.Rather than demolish those structures why can’t we preserve them and transform into something that we need right now.
As we are in Chicago, I want to look at a close example of abandoned CTA staion on blue line and experiment how it can be reused and what are the side effects amongst that.

You can find out

Urban, city case studies

  • Sustainable City (Curitiba,Brazil)

  • Eco City (Dongtan, China)

  • Compact City (London, UK)

  • Bioregional Zero Energy Development (BedZED, UK)

Abandonded Infra structure case studies

  • People, Life Style, Culture (Hutong, China)

  • History (Chunggye-Chun, Korea)

  • Economy (Essen Zollvenhein, Germany)

  • Technology (Bloomingdale/ High Line, USA)

Abandoned CTA in Chicago

  • Blue Line Kostner Station

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